Worship Services


The King’s University (look for us in the atrium)
9125 – 50 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2H3, Canada


Worship Times

  • Worship & Communion @ 10:30 am every Sunday and Christmas


Worshipping with Us

Our services are a combination of song, spoken liturgy and reflection and we celebrate communion weekly. After our service we gather for lunch in the cafeteria. It’s a good opportunity for you to meet us, and for us to meet you, over a sandwich and coffee, tea or juice, and we strongly encourage you to come, even if you can’t stay for the worship service. If this is your first time at Fellowship, don’t be embarrassed that you didn’t bring some food. We’re accustomed to having visitors and bring a little extra just for you. If you start attending on a more regular basis, you might follow this guide: bring enough for you or your family, plus one other person.

A typical services has the following format:

  • Welcome, Announcements & Introductions – we like to welcome visitors personally, so somebody next to you may be asked to introduce you. If you’re willing, introduce yourself.
  • Call to Worship – this is a time of song and spoken liturgy as we ready ourselves to come to God in worship
  • Passing of the Peace – where we welcome each other
  • Time for Children – young children are invited to the front for a story and/or song before leaving for nursery or Sunday School
  • Confession & Assurance – we are reminded of our need for forgiveness and God’s willingness to welcome us back
  • Scripture – led by a member of the congregation
  • Message
  • Offerings – a time to share:
    • Other offerings
    • Monetary offerings* – we bring our financial gifts to a basket at the front. A member of the Pastoral committee will explain where the offering will go.
    • Intercessory prayer – worshippers share their concerns, joys and insights which become part of our communal prayer time.
  • Communion – although The Lord’s Supper at Fellowship is essentially an outworking of Jesus’s instruction to eat the bread and drink the cup “in remembrance of me,” Fellowship’s celebration of the sacrament is distinctive:
    • Communion is celebrated at the end of most of our worship services. This keeps the Eucharist at the center of the worship life of our church
    • Children who are believers are welcome to participate in the sacrament under the supervision of their parents. This allows children to know tangibly that they are part of the body of Christ long before they can exercise rational assent to a set of church doctrines.
    • Communion is implemented communally, with communicants passing the elements to each other with words such as “The body of Christ broken for you,” and “The blood of Christ shed for you.” We dip the bread into the juice.
    • All confessing Christians are welcome to join in the feast. Our bread is gluten free.
  • We are Sent Forth

* Unless specidfied, all offerings will go the weekly cause. If you wish your offering to go toward the budget, please indicate so on your cheque. To read more about the organizations we support, or to see the offerings schedule, go to the following links:


Participation of members

You’ll notice a number of people participating in the service. At Fellowship, the services (and many other aspects of the life of the church) are planned and conducted by members of the congregation, rather than by a pastor. Several committees –
worship, education, refugee, hospitality and outreach – meet regularly to develop new programs and see that things run smoothly.